This Little Girl Wants Something IMPOSSIBLE For Christmas. Now Watch What Santa Does! Wow!

As everyone else, 2nd grader Bethany Arnold had a wish she wanted to ask Santa this Christmas. But her wish was totally different from everyone else. While everybody asked for their special toy with Santa, Bethany asked for her dad to come from Iraq. When Santa visited Tar River Elementary School near Raleigh, N.C. during Christmas, everybody got what they wanted. But will Santa be able to fulfill Bethany’s wish?

According to the video, Bethany’s dad, Wyndal Arnold has been working in Iraq as a contractor. So he hasn’t been able to visit Bethany that often. She has only seen him for two week in last 2 years. Heartbroken Bethany wished only for her father to come home. But when Santa handed her a keychain that belonged to her father, no one could stop their tears.

Watch what happens when Santa reveals his true self. Did you see that coming? Let us know in the comments!

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