Cats want to ‘save’ their mom from the shower, so they do the most hilarious thing

It is a widely known fact that cats just hate baths. It’s like they are natural enemies or something. Have you ever seen a cat willingly inch towards the bath tub? I haven’t! If you want your cat to hate you without bounds, just try to bathe them and then see how that works! This video just further proves their aversion to water.

The gorgeous Siamese cats in the video below are no exception when it comes to water. Every single time their mom Sharron steps in for a bath, the house converts into a mesh of disorder and confusion. The cats simply can’t stand it and they start whining and crying with all their might! So much for her relaxing time!

Watch their antics in the video below! Have you been through similar problems with your cat? Let us know in the comments!

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