Tiny 2 yr old kid blows everyone away with his awesome jive routine

A 2 year old kid in the video below instantly enthrall everyone in the room when Elvis’ hit song “Jailhouse Rock” plays on the stereo. This little boy’s name is William Stokkebroe, and despite his age he shows off some pretty awesome dance moves in front of the massive crowd. I swear, when I was his age I didn’t even know how to move to the beat!

This adorable boy is already an internet sensation as his video of dancing in Elvis’ song has gone viral. Everyone loves him and his awesome dance moves. Nobody was expecting this boy to do THIS when the music started. That is why, they all lost their mind to see this kid on the dance floor making the history. According to the video description, William learned those dance steps from his parents Kristina and Peter who are dancers at studie43.

I just can’t get enough of this little boy. What do you think about him? Let us know through your comments!

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