19 Foals Were About To Be Euthanized. But When This Happened, I Couldn’t Stop Crying!

This video below is going to present you the dreadful reality of some of our nation’s industry. It features a group of nurse mare foals who were lined up to be euthanized but were rescued just in time. Nurse mare foals are the foals who are born just so that their mothers would produce milk for ‘more valuable’ foals. Because of this, nurse mare foals have very unfortunate fate. They are considered as mere ‘byproducts’ of the industry and are dumped to die.

However, in 2008 Victoria Goss initiated to rescue and rehabilitate these poor foals and founded a non-profit organization Last Chance Corral. In this video below we see 19 nurse mare foals from season 2010 who were rescued by LCC. LCC hopes to place these foals with loving homes surrounded by loving people.

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